His promises .. AGAIN

He again wrote in status mode

I will speak only after 100 days of clean hard mode… no status change… no message… nothing… shutting my mouth & working in silence.

I think this is the 5th time he wrote that down … But still speaking in between

… Guess who that is … :grinning::joy::rofl:

FACTS and WORDS are different things

Bye bye

It is self motivation. If it works, why not? Everyone deals with his/her problem differently. I have said countless times that it will work now, but it did not. But I think it is good to have this boost in motivation. Fall down, get up, carry on.:muscle:


The problem is: people see him giving advices, as a reference, then seeing him falling … Imagine the effects the incoherence between his words and actions can have on those who receive advices from him … They just think it’s impossible and those suggestions are useless

I disagree. There are many people I look up to who have relapsed and had to start from day 0 again. Dosen’t make their advice meaningless. A little less promising, but truthful and profound nonetheless. That depends on the person who listens.


@Wannabeliberated thank you for your positive uplifting message.


@Wannabeliberated … I disagree. I think one’s actions and facts should speak for him …

I agree on that. However, if we were defined by the few times we fell, instead of the times we rise…well, many of our idols would not be revered. But I side with you on that partially; on the other hand, if someone cheats on their wife only sometimes, they are not partially faithful, they are completely unfaithful.

Nonetheless, I see his actions tend to tilt more towards the winner over the loser, otherwise he would have just given up. Man has heart, probably more than most of us. He gon’ make it to 1000 days and beyond. If we are talking about the same person. I also like his platitudes and mottos; makes this NoFap journey feel like an epic journey


Here we suppose to be united, and when a brother is stumbled, we should not point out on him, especially if that brother is determined to be free.
We bear a great war here, probably the greatest, and when we beat fappin that is not the end is only the beginning, the beginning of working, cultivate and growing virtues. A virtuous man will not go unobserved in this world and he will always be missed.


Hi @fenila

Watch me! I’ll be your hero! because …

“I’m a ONE OF FFF, MMM and so on CHALLENGES”

Stay with me!

Think of me as your hero! After that …

“Make the Prophet (peace be upon him) as your hero, focus on him alone, without being influenced by others”

That’s how life works : )

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@Wannabeliberated … I agree partially on that … Consider the responsibility everyone here has to each other as a community … If someone pump so much his words ad he is a guru … And then he cannot even reach the 90 days step … That could have a devastating effect on those who believed in his nice fancy motivational words … They might think "oh well, he the one who told all these nice and motivational things is the same who cannot even take fruit of them, " … And they just lose their faith

Please guys , care actively for this community …