Hijama the forgotten Sunnah

Hi you guys… I’m not very big on Islam but recently I’ve revived one of my past rituals … Hijama or wet-cupping … An ancient ritual that goes back even before the Muslim prophet PBUH …
the hijama tradition basically consists of cutting open certain areas of the body /back or head with a knife or a blade and proactively sucking out blood with a vacuum cup until the area dries out. (to those of you who dunno what it is)
Anyways I’ve done it yesterday and i feel much energy flowing thru my body and it’s really rejuvenating… it cleanse the body and the soul , helps with self control and massively reduces your hours of sleep.
Try it if you like …
Just thought of sharing with you
in good health.
Happy new year.
God bless


Thank you brother, for your advice