Hi. Need advice

Hi, my first try to stop masturbating, and quit porn.
My problem last for cca 18 years, and now my sex life start suffer. I have 32 years, and 3 times in short period i cant get errection to have sex with my girlfriend. That start worry me. And i try to help myself here. Any advice is apriciated. Sorry for my bad english.
Any people from ex-yu countries here, too easy communication?

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hey, nice to have you here.
there are tons of posts in this forum. using the search function you should be able to find a lot.
there is a lot about PIED and many guides with advice.
i wrote some things about my opinion in “the happy mind guide” but there are many more with different approaches. you have to find something that suites you best. :slight_smile:

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Hope this helps you destroy this thing
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also there are many good ted talks on youtube

Hi. Thank you for your advices

Read success stories & dairies there you get mistakes to avoid, solutions & little motivation.

my most important advice i can give you:
write a diary! it doesn’t have to be public. you can write it for yourself but for me, that was the main thing that helped me.
write down how you feel. why you feel bad, what you think is good and so on

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