Hi, everyone please help

Hello everyone, when I started doing no fap, and abstained from pmo. I suffered from premature ejaculation. Is it possible to reverse premature ejaculation, if I stay away from pmo over a long period time.?? Please let me know what you guys feel. :slight_smile:

Yes PE might be the result of P addiction. If it is go for a reboot and the PE will go away. Good luck

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There’s other stuff you can do but either way you need to start here first.

Okk… bro, that’s also what I feel man.

Please do tell me what are the other things I can do.?? I really need to know man. Thanks in advance

What has been your longest streak?

My current streak is my longest streak. 117 days.


Holy shit. Do you do kegel exercises regularly?

I would recommend just staying in NoFab for long time and not watching porn in order to stop PE. When I was in day 20 I had premature ejaculation. And I learned that you have to be patient since it takes time to recover. But don’t be like me when I was in day 20 and be lazy. Be proactive and explore nature or explore your talents to distract your mind. Or read a book. Something I was lazy to do.


I also feel the same way man. Thanks a lot for sharing your opinion. :slight_smile:

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What is kegel exercise…??

It’s a kind of exercises make with little excited penis, I don’t recommend it, it will call you to masturbation and porn again…
The better way is keep calm and No Gap, no kind of PMO.

Good look… you’ll reach your target

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Thanks for sharing your opinion brother. :slight_smile:

Kegel exercises help you either suppress ejaculation or get it to go a lot further. When you stop your self from peeing, that you flexing your PE muscle. Google this stuff bro. You can do it along side PMO. Check out these forums http://www.mattersofsize.com/forum/