Hi everybody, I want to know your opinion please

I would like to know your opinion about this. When you’re trying to quit masturbation, Is it better try to break it definitely or is t better break it in a progressive way? What do you think?


Try,try and keep trying.

NoFap for life should be your motto.
Never relapse on purpose, I say never,even strategically never relapse.

If you happen to relapse by a strong urge, try again, there is nothing to lose but everything to gain.

People here on the forum are not gods and surely they are not on their first attempt, infact, it might be their 100 th attempt but they keep trying.

Success comes to those who experience
mistakes early on.
Cowards are those who never fail as failure is your master and it’s a hard way of learning about the truth.

So anyway,

Stay Strong!!


You can’t make it progressively. Something like that doesn’t exist. Or you do it for 100% or keep masturbating, there’s nothing between.
And what more, it’s not about quitting this addiction. With such thinking you have no chance to win. It’s about building your new self. It’s about building new, good habits. About taking care or your sleeping hygiene, about taking care of your body, about working out, developing your mind, gaining new abilities. About being the best version of you.
It won’t work if you say “from today I don’t fap for 1000 days”. No one won like that. You need to think more like “Today is important day, today I don’t fap, today I work out, today I learn new thing, today I call my friend to talk”.


In my case I stopped definitely after some time. In the begging it was hard and I relapsed some times but after I quit doing. I think that you don’t have to worry about giving up and stopping definitely because it may discourage you, so keep doing your best watching out every possible triggers.


Break it all at once.
After relpasing your desire to do it again is like this line \ always less. If you do like once per week you’ll be torturing yourself like this `````` Instead if you do it all in once the desire will just be like \ ___

I think it wasn’t clear so in other words
Right after relpasing you have 10 desire points of doing it again. The next day it will be 9 and always less until the 21th day, when it becomes 0 because withdrawal pangs are no more. If every 3 days you relapse the the desire will never be 0

Even if you stop progressively the last time will be the same as the first time when stopping all at once, so you are just torturing yourself during the days before the last relapse


Better to quit completely, progressively does not work.


Progresively is trap, you will stay in that trap forever if you fap ocassionally. You must delete it forever. Make everything to not fap again.


Keep the intent of quitting it completely! Even if you fail sometimes, but always get back up to quit the the Addiction that time!


Just to give some other perspective: I think it depends on you personally.

Quitting progressivly can definitely work and hold some benefits. Only a tiny fraction of people that try to quit (in case it is a deeply rooted addiction, not a habit they dont like. Big difference imo) can make it the first time. If self worth is one of the problems that cause you to relapse, relapsing once might make you hate on yourself, which then will make every consecutive try even more difficult. Might be even worse in case your addiction is linked to some kind of depression (which is not always the case, but seems sometimes to go hand in hand).
So telling yourself: I’ll make it to 5 days first. Then to 10. Then to 30 might be worth a shot! Most important seems to me that you dedicate yourself to making progress. Also holds the danger of going: ah I made 5 days, that’s enough, let’s relapse daily again.

In any case, all the best to you. You can do it, and props for working on yourself :slight_smile:


Just invest 1 or 2 days straight to read this book and it will be easy to leave this addiction once and for all.


Thank you so much for your replies. Actually, by my own experience, I have learned that it is better break it at once and I reafirmed it by your points of view. Well, at least for me that works better but I wanted to know your opinions. I learned interesting things from them and hopefully, they will help others too, so thank you very much guys and good luck for everybody!


Try both. It’s not like there are 100 choices. If one doesn’t the other will work. Or a mix and match may work. Imp thing is u understand the I’ll effects of masturbation and the great effects of nofap. And take the 1st decision and 1st step everyday , every weak moment , not to give in. It takes time , keep trying!!

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Thanks man, I’m doing my best, at first it’s hard but yeah as you mentioned, be determineted is the key. We’re together in this, we can.

I completely agree with @Hubinho
From last 93* days, I never looked back. I am happy that, I made that choice.
Good Day!!


Yeah, I think it’s the best option. @Alpaco also said sth important, when you relapse is difficult to start again. That’s what happen to me every time I relapse. doesn’t matter if it was because I couldn’t stand urges or because I planned to fap after some days. I’d better avoid it always i can but, the most important is defeat this addiction of sh…t. All of us can!


Hey … @Luis94

Porn is the flame :fire::fire: the flame without it you can’t fap …

Let me explain :point_down::point_down:

If you start this pain with fapping first or you started with porn and fapping … It’s the same man

Because :
The first one need porn too :pensive::pensive:
Yes ، watching porn is important so that you have the largest reservoir of hallucinations and sexual thoughts known to us these last one make fap easier …

So , my answer that quiting porn important to stop thinking to not be distrub … but if you watched *** scence you will feel this h** but with focus after let your body for some detox of no and lot of no …

I hope that you will understand me …

Stay Clear & focus .


If you try to break it at once, you’ll struggle more than if you progressivelly cut P,M and O


Yeah, I’ve conclude it’s better to do it at once, well for me it is. As you mentioned it’s up to each person but I can say that it’s fantastic be free, yeah at the beginning it was so hard but it’s worth it. I’ve struggled whit this shit for years. Hopefully, my life will be much better from now on. Thanks a lot for your advice, I really hope that everybody find a way and can experience this. It’s awesome.

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