Hi, are you there, need someone to talk

Hi, this is the first time that I’m dealing with this sharing my storie and my feelings, right now I feel so overwhelmed and tempted to fall again. Do you want to talk?


Hi, I would like to hear your story. Mind sharing it with me?


Hi, of course! My name is Stephanie, I’m 26. Ive been dealing with fap addiction since I was 18, but at this point is getting worse. During all this years I had good moments trying to kill this habit, the longest that I been wit9fap has been like 9 months, recently I found myself watching sex scenes in explicit movies (its not something like porn industry because those are Netflix movies) but well now I realized we can’t call “art” something that is not pure. Anyways, I started to watch all those movies more often and I started to try new things at my body, I’m Christian and for sure I love God, but I just realized that I’m loving more what it’s bad than loving God, I’m sick of this, this is my second day, but I feel so anxious, my body is asking me to do it, that’s why I’m here, trying to focus my mind in a different thing.
What’s your story?


My name is Julius and I’m 23 years old. I would say it all started when I saw Stig Severinsen in a TV documentary. He teaches breathwork and meditation. Through that I began to asses myself more. NoFap catched my eye last year while I was in my final phase of bachelor’s and working at the same time. I was fucked up by smoking excessively. Changing my life to feel better about myself became the main point of my life. I stopped smoking, changed my food patterns and also started NoFap as it fit into the picture. It has been up and downs since then. I got into enlightment and yoga even more, had some relapses but the frequency went down dramatically. Nowadays I focus on dreams that I neglected for a long time. To become physically stronger and gain investment knowledge for example.

Writing your own story forces you to think about the past years. Really interesting. Thank you for that!

Which things do you love more than God?


I think we must take this journey seriously, not half measures.

I think we must be prepared to sacrifice for this struggle

and one of them is Zene’s Method

Maybe you can see his post tomorrow in this time

Peace, Ganbatte