Hey I am new to this app

Please help me to gain my ultimate success


No one can help you only you alone, you yourself can save. No joke. Serious. You yourself is responsible for your ultimate Successā€¦

Remember, If your friend eats his stomach gets filled not yours ā€¦

People can motivate but we are responsible for our own deeds.


1.)Have a goal and work towards that seriously.
2.)Whenever urge comes hold your breath for 15secs and breath normally for few breaths and then hold your breath for 15 secs then again breath normally continue this until urge goes away.
If 15secs is less then you can increase to 30secs like that.
Dont search for phone or stop watch. Whatever you are holding is 15secs or 30secs. Dont think much just hold. Hold until you feel ā€œuncontrollably comfortableā€
Why holding breath?
Because it divert your attention from urges to breath(life or death). While sleeping at bed night 1am you may get urges, just hold breath for 10 to 15 secs then breath naturally then again hold,goon until urge goes away.
Whenever you feel like touching yourself, just hold your breath and breath naturally.
3.)Avoid things which triggers you. Delete all porn,hot pics of girls from your phone.
4.)Just try to understand yours triggers. What triggers you to fap?..stress or feeling of loneliness or boredom or dissatisfaction about certain things or situations or an emptiness inside etc., whatever it maybe try to say to yourself that fapping is not the solution for this problem, the solution is using this energy and working towards my goals. Understand fapping only makes the problem worse. If something that you cannot change means just try to accept it.
Be a man.
5.)When sexual trigger comes(even very small) simply do breath work as I said before( breathwork is ā€˜actionā€™)
6.)Give yourself some reward ā€¦after achieving a month of nofap I buy myself a new dress(Something in your wishlist for long term and budget) and also say,understand that by not fapping you are fastly reaching your goals with more energy,focus,clearer mindā€¦your performance is gonna improve a lot in studies,sports,spirituality. And soon you gonna be a rockstar :blush:
7.)set some consequences if you failā€¦if I fail then I will cook myself and give food to 5 people in streets or give 1000rs for stranger or a short termā€¦ (always try to give more than you can , if 1000rs is easy to give to someone then try to give 1100rs,because you want to feel some lose and also by helping needy who is below you ,you feel satisfied and happy)
You may ask me ā€¦is this a consequences. After fapping you feel guilty or bad ā€¦so this helps to relieve some stress believe me.
7.) Dont focus on streak more, just plan a day and work on your daily goals,monthly goals. Then the streak built by itself.
8.) Reduce internet usage for some timesā€¦especially Instagram,Facebook,youtube and negative people,romantic songs,movies. Because instead of doing good,they only trigger you. After you reach 90 to 180 days. You gain some control. Then use it.
9.) Never do peekingā€¦ understand that peeking will eventually take you to masturbation and itā€™s a trap. Peeking is simply watching hot stuff,porn without masturbation
10.) Dont think about girls consciously. Focus on goals. ā€œOnce you built garden(achieving goals) then butterflies(girls) come by itselfā€. Until that only focus on your work with full force.
11.) Use help of this app and people if needed in future. But understand nobody will do it for you, one and only you have to control yourself and with discipline save yourself.

Remember you are giving up soo many things but not for free. The price and life you going to get from this nopmo journey is much much more valuable and give you ultimate pleasure and satisfaction.

Dont think much. Too much of information is not worth it, because you start too think soo much and start searching for best and end up doing nothing.

Try this first. Then come back later and reply if you remember me

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