Hey guys i am want companions who are fighting to beat pied

Hey guys i have been fapping a lot from past 10 years and now i am suffering from pied. If anyone else is facing the same please connect with me lets motivate each other to beat pied.

Sharing code - wh2fbj

Current streak - 1 day
Highest streak - 22
Age - 27
Gender - M
Location - IN

I am tired of fighting alone my highest streak is of 22 but that was a year ago since then i am continuesly relapsing again n again …
Can anyone help me ?

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Same here man, I am also fighting PIED… that’s why I am doing PMO. Do add me
My code is -daaf29
Country - INDIA
Current streak - 28 days

Any tips for me ? i never been survived for 28 days …

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I would say… take 1 day at a time bro…That way you will Succeed…because time flies.

Whenever an urge comes… it is so violent that if we stay in that situation we are most likely to fall into the trap. You can go outside, or instantly take a cold shower and watch the urge vanish away.

For me what happened was ,the urge was so uncontrollable that I had to move outside my room, or call someone…

All the very best bro.

For me shower makes the situation even worse … Well i think all we have to do is keep fighting the urges .

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Exactly, in whatever way possible… we have to keep fighting…

Same here.
PIED problem
23 year male from india
6 day current and highest streak.

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