Here's my real situation... I really need help

I’m doing well in NoFap rn. Even on the days I want to fap or watch stuff I don’t because I’m sick of the cycle and I’m not starting over again. So I’d say all is going ok in that area, could be a little better. But here’s my problem. No matter how much I’ve read, heard, argued about, or been told not to, after everything I still want sex. I’m a Christian, and so is my girlfriend so this would be frowned upon by tons of people. But I’m just upset and torn and at this point I don’t care if it would leave me for better or worse it’s what I want. I’m seriously leaving it to you guys because I’m tired of my mom getting upset with me when I bring it up. I know all of the consequences and what I’d be getting into but I feel like it’d be worth it, BUT I WOULDN’T KNOW BECAUSE I HAVEN’T HAD ANY. UGHHHH. I’m literally complaining about sex to an online forum, how much lower can I go? Just tell me what to do or give advice or something I really need help.


Do what makes you happy. Like you said, you know the consequences. If you feel like you will be able to handle them and still be happy, then go for it.


I don’t think that NoFap applies to sex… it’s more likely to be for the people who fap constantly, and virgins who only watch porn and hentai.
If you want to be happy do what you want with your life, if Nofap causes stress and unfulfiment try to leave it, I hope it helps.


Glad to hear you’re doing well on your NoFap journey! I’d understand why you’d want to have sex, especially since you’re on the No PMO lifestyle. It’s a little weird for me to say, but have you tried anything sexual with your girlfriend? As in, past 1st base? It isn’t sex, and it is still something new, you’d probably both enjoy it!
If both of your beliefs are completely against it, then that sounds like a proper test of willpower. But if it’s simply against pre-marital sex, there are other options that may… satisfy? :sweat_smile:
I know exactly where you’re coming from though, I understand the conflict.


Hello my friend.
I understand your frustration. I just want to have something clarified.
You are frustrated of not having sex due to religious reasons?
If so, then stick to what is right my friend. I am a muslim so I don’t know much about what is prohibited or not in christianity.
But we have a saying in islam that says: to reach heavens, you have to combat your desires towards the prohibited things ; to reach hell, you have to fall into those desires.
So if adultery is prohibited in your religion then don’t succumb to the temptations. Marry the girl you love if you can and live your life happily.


I like that answer, but I’m 15 so I can’t marry her just yet… Trust me I would if I could. I’ll be patient. It won’t be too long. Just a few years.


Great my friend, don’t rush it. You are still young; I advise you to focus on discovering yourself and what do you want to do and in building your future. Teenage years are one of the crucial time periods that shapes people’s Lifes.

Grap a paper and write what do you like, what are your goals, what skills do you need to achieve those goals, which goals should you focus on first. Let your mind go loose, this help you to understand yourself better, you may be amazed by what you find. If you don’t find much, then don’t get stressed, just focus in discovering yourself to get those answers by time. It’s ok to not have all the answers in your age, but when you get them you will be a man of purpose this will motivate you to be a better person everyday which will ultimately increase your happiness.

You can also try watching videos that explain this type of writing; it’s called reflective writing.
Also search for something called personal SWOT analysis. This will also help you tremendously.
I hope that you become the best version of yourself and to live happily. Best of luck my friend.


Wow! perfect, I want to go back to this age so as i can avoid the mistakes that I had done.

You are to young my brother and you have 7 to 8 years to retain semen and to discover yourself. So continue my brother to your journey ahead and In case of any guidance we are here for you.

According to the vedas, the young guys have to follow the semen retention until they reach the age of 25 and after that they choose the family life.
So the parents was let them go to pathshalla to practice brahmacharya.

But now no one is teaching this practice in schools or in institutions. that is why most of young people are more indulged in this activity and bearing the depression, anixiety etc.

I am glad @Finding_Myself you are aware at this age

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