Here is my Day 1 and Day 73 Photo of Muscle comparison

How 30 days of Nofap helped me in muscle Transformation

No Suppliment or Powder. It’s natural Transformation. Nofap helps to increase the semen count in body that means high protien that helps to build muscle.

It is the power of Nofap.

Are you ready to follow this nofap journey?
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What exercise you did and where?

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at GYM

Full body exercise


Bro bro, that’s lit :fire:.

Ig those who use supplements and protein powders to build their body, are also natural bodybuilders, until they inject steroids.They use supplements as they don’t get those nutrients from their diet.

Again i would say that’s looking fricking awesome my brother. :fire::fire:, keep rocking and keep motivating us.


Yes you are right, those who take steroids are unnatural, rest all is natural, people need to understand that supplements aren’t unnatural, I don’t know how to make my mom understand this :joy:, I already have good muscle mass but I just can’t get enough protein from my vegetarian diet.



Jack of all trades master of all. Ig this quote was for you.

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Bruh :joy::fire:, thanks. I am no master of anything tho. I am learning

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