Here I am, and there I go; starting over

I apologize, I forgot to tell everyone I’m starting over, I’m about to reach a milestone and on that day I want to start new, so for all competitions that’s I’ve succeeded in, again I’ll see you soon. I want to start over and not use the app for a year to see if I’ve become strong enough to do this on my own with the help of my accountability partners. I come onto this app when I feel the need for motivation or when I think I’m about to slip but I want to be my own motivation and my own affirmation. So this isn’t about you guys it’s just something I want to do for myself, see you guys soon. Hopefully this all goes well. I’ll let you know in the near future.

  • over and out “Iwillsucceed”

Good luck! Freedom is the reward we all seek…

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