Helpful tips about mindfulness

Hi everyone

I wanna focus more on living my life instead of just walking around like a zombie.
In our life we get distracted by so many things. We are checking our phone without knowing why. It is a reflex to take it out to check if someone wrote us. Or to look at the time but we immediately forget what time it is.
I walk around and don’t see the beauty around me.
I come home and do things I don’t really wanna do. like starting my computer and just by intuition wanna open youtube. Instead of thinking what I should or would like to do and then do that instead of doing some crap

I wanna break this cycle and be able to focus on my surrounding and what I’m doing.

Does anyone have any tips? Any book recommendations about mindfulness? (I would prefer books over audios)


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If possible one of the best things you can do is take a vipassana mediation course, it’s of of 10 days and there are centers all over the world.

It had profound impact on my life and will certainly help you get into mindfulness. Apart from that, power of now is a great book to start with.


The best thing for is not to listen to audio books mindfullness for me anyways, the best way to practice mindfullness its self