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Hello there, pls read all. Please

I decided to quit porn addiction (I have it) and masturbating, it was great because I did not watched porn during a long period of time( for me) (20+ Days) but yesterday, 06th of April I watched porn and sexual content, I abstained from it but after I gave up I did not jerk off just watched it because I felt horny and well you know… I want your advice guys to know if I broke my process (re-lapesed) or not, this breaks my heart horribly but I want to hear some POV.

If it helps I can share my thoughts that lead me to re watch porn.

1.I felt horny, I am a 22 y/o virgin so as you can imagine I might be prone to do it
2. i said c’mon 1 picture and them almost 1h or 2 seeing content (not sure)

  1. I’m extremely sexually drived, I mean sex for me is just so powerful and seeing someone I find erotic or hot or sexy naked is just like a massive thing for me. In other words I hella weak and horny

  2. As I said I’m a virgin so idk. I want to have sex :confused:

I want to experience sexuality and I’ve felt needy lately idc confessing myself.

I’m begging to hear that I did not fall as my last goal was get out of masturbation and porn but well… I hope I had not broken my process.

I’m looking forward to hear your opinion

Thank you
Btw if you have any advice in some of the things I’ve mentioned feel free to write it down


I’m sorry bro, you relapsed…
There a four modes of nofap,
Easy: no porn
Normal: no porn and no masturbation
Hatd: nothing related PMO

As you can see, porn is a relapse in all modes.
But come back stronger!!


:pleading_face::sob: thank you, I wanna cry for real, like at this pontiff is ok if I jerk off or not I mean I relapsed, I mean :man_facepalming:t4: I’ve read the rules :pensive:

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U didn’t relapse but if you watch porn u will surely relapse , u can’t hold the urges for much and u will waste a lot of time. From now don’t watch porn my advice . I’m also on day 15 , porn eventually leads to masturbation. And actually porn make if forgot about reality it’s like imaginary thing so we forget about our reality. If u want to grow find someone in real life or at least u can try but if u watch u will not even try becoz u r getting imaginary satisfaction.

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Thanks :pray: I honestly hope i can get better as well as you, remember you can! And you are doing it awesome

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Broo don’t be sad!
If you masturbate too your dopamine standards will get higher, future urges will become harder to handle and you’ll feel worse during the withdrawal period.

It doesn’t matter if your streak is 0, it’s just like a formality, the important is that you quit, so do it!


If its your first porn after nofap streak…then you have to add your current streak to your target streak. Like if your current streak is 20 and your target streak is 90 then you have to do total 110 days of nofap without resetting your streak. If its just 1 time porn and if you are doubtful that this situation may lead to full fledge relapse.
But if you are accoustomed to watch porn in nofap then it is a relapse.

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Thank you it was the first time doing it after the 24 days

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