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Hey guys, I just relapsed… Yeah, it’s a shitty addiction.

In the past 2 months I was able to control my urges every 15 days. That means that I’m PMOing 2 times per month, approximately. I know it’s not a great thing, that’s why I need advice!

Do you guys have any tips to improve and banish PMO for life?

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Daily meditation can help you clam your mind.

  • Follow Fap Tracker
  • Get more Focus in beating ur last streak
  • Read people blog of Fapronauts for motivation.

At the end you have to be Strong and keep urself busy.


Yes being busy really helps

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Try to find out your relapsing pattern like when, where, how? Work on it and try to remove. Make all the cues invisible.

“People with high self-control tend to spend less time in tempting situation. It’s easier to avoid temptation than resist it.” ~Lines from Atomic Habbits. Mind it.

Also practice meditation and exercise. These will help you. Do visit this app on regular basis(especially in the initial periods) at least for few minutes. As unity gives you the strength.

And determination is utmost important. You need to be determined. But sometimes it gets weak so as I said above, avoid temptation.

Prepare a list of WHY’S like why you want to do nofap? Your dreams, etc. And believe yourself that you can do this.

We all are always with you. Never feel weak or alone. We all will fight together and will win over this demon. Stay strong brother :muscle:

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