HELP please its urgent

Hi my semen seems watery and white it’s normal or not.

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Forget about semen, drink some milk and start workouts.

Most important dont watch porn.


Bro I’m afraid of my fertility


Do you wanna marry ? When ?

Not now, I’m only 17

I afraid cuz my semen is sperm less for now


Kid, look your mind is running crazy thoughts. I give you a scientific knowledge.
You can goggle it.

Sperm maturity cycle is of 2 months.

If you do nofap even for 14 days, since you are 17, trust me with guarantte you can produce a 1000 childs if you start fucking women even now.

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Haha .Ok mature man thanks for clearing my brain fog


Bhai pehle nofap to kar le… 90 days ke baad tujhe sarra gyan ho jayenga :blush:

Theek hai bhai itna gyan ke liye.:hugs:

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Arra bhai apke liye hi hain yaha par … kuch bhi ho puch lena… ye sala mind hume chutiya banata rehta hain… ki semen watery hain… kuch ghdabad to nahi… loda tehde hain… kuch ghadbad to nahi…

Arre yar bina problem ke problem bananna to koi is mind se sikhhe :blush:

Tu tension mat le… tu is muth marne ki aadat ko chodne par apni sarri takkat laga de.
Mehnat kar, study kar… vivekanand ji ki books padh le.

Bhai main bhi koi dhud raha tha ki kisi se apni ye baatein kar saku. Londa teda hai that’s fucking funny bhai or kuch hoga to puchunga its HELP a lot for me.

Main iss baat se kafi salo se pareshan tha

Thanks bade bhai I’ll try my best for 1000 baby’s

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Friend semen is mixture of sperm and prostate liquids. Sperm is produced when male gamete is forced to fuse with protiens,calcium and other nutrients and whole process takes 64 days. But don’t get afaired because only one fertile sperm in your semen if able to fertilize an egg and complete your job to become a dad. Then what’s the reason for nofap. Well many cyco problems and the fact that our body again reabsorbs the nutrients from it and thats the reason why males are stronger than females and fappers are weal and nofap increases your strength