Help please feeling urge

Feeling urge please helpe i ’ m on day 12 of streak i really don’t want ti go back to the hell of pmo i need support…

You have to decide. Right now your decision is set on pmo so you are urging. Decide against it. Now.

Did you work out today? Did you socialize? Did you told your loved ones you love them?
So much better things to do!


what gives porn to you what does porn take from you.
do you wanna agree to this deal?

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I agree that it takes much more that what it gives; it’s a breaf pleasure for a permanent greaf…

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You re right, thanks

Thnks dad …it s helping

You are welcome brother👌

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Brother keep yourself busy in activities when you get urges, like start working out, push-ups, pull ups , read a book , watch a really interesting video/movie/series, or chat … your urge will go away.

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Thanks bro next time i ll do this :wink::wink: