HELP, neee advice

My longest streak is just 1 day 8 hours!
I would like to go for atleast 2 days without fappening. Help. Can’t control.

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Go to bed early and listen to a music you love. Each time you touch your genitals, do 10 push ups. Try to stay with other people in public places or in your house as much as you can. This is the most important : try to NEVER BE ALONE IN A ROOM. If you have to go to the toilet, take a book with you. Do not lie on your bed, as this is the automatic way to fapping. Your bed must ONLY BE USED TO SLEEP. Only go when you are tired at night. If you want to read or use your phone, sit on a chair or on the floor. Take cold showers. Consider installing porn-blockers or phone ban. Do not let your mind wander, keep yourself busy so you don’t have time to think about sex. Start either fitness or meditation. This is CRUCIAL. Trying to supress the habit of fapping is impossible. You must replace it with another habit. Sport, meditation and reading are the best iption. Start building a daily routine, including your new habit. Believe me, if you really stop fapping, you will have the time to take 1 hour per day to do whatever you want. Reading sacred books, like Bible or Coran, might also help. Live for each day, do not think about all the days ahead or the days that are gone : you have no power over them, the only thing you can do is influence the present to change your future. Learn self-discipline. You will get more of it if you do NoFap longer. Remember, YOU CAN NOT TRUST YOURSELF. Especially on the first few days, your mind is treacherous and will try to get you fapping at any cost. YOU ARE THE MASTER OF YOUR BODY AND SOUL. You must always remember this.
These are a part of the wisdom I have earned across my personal journey. I think they are the most useful for a guy on his first few days. If you lack motivation, read this post again. These principles must me your new mantra. Apply it and you will see spectacular improvement. However, you must be patient, benefits will ALWAYS come in time.
I hope this will help you, please let me know in 3-4 days if you have beaten your highscore :yum:
GO MAN WE BELIEVE IN YOU :fire::fire::fire:


I belive in you too.

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Try to read my diary (Diário do Rapaz: crises de abstinência e superação) here in the forum. It’s in portuguese, but you can translate on your computer.

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