Help needed, day 180+ but still getting night fall

How can I stop night fall, i am experiencing night fall every 8-10 days from past 1 month.
Any suggestions will be heartily appreciated

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Don’t think about women, do not fantasize about having girlfriend and so on.


And personalny I also had this problem. Not fantasize but don’t be stressed about night fall. It happens… ok … it not happens… also ok. No stress. It helps to prevent them also.


Thanks for your suggestion I shall make them work for me


Nightfall may also happen because of excessive heat inside the body. You can wash your feet and apply oil on the sole.

And don’t think about these things too much. You are rocking it brother :fire::fire: 180+ days :fire::fire::fire::fire::fire:!!


Yes I really feel like that, after taking shower or whenever I try to meditate i feel heat being accumulated at my lower back and sometimes I feel something like electric impusle flowing at a sudden from my neck to all regions of body, i wonder what is the reason behind it :thinking:


The first thing is that it is natural process. Night fall happens when there is excess semen in body and there is no loss because it is happening unintentionally.

If you are getting dirty dream and that is the reason for night fall then it is not night fall, it is wet dream. It may little bit make you weak but you can recover it easily because there is still no huge loss.

If it is happening through wet dream then you have to work putting positive affirmations. Wet dream happens when we had old memories of porn clips or our thinking that we used to at the time of ejaculation. Don’t be a social media scroller and consumer of wrong content.

The another cause of nightfall is diet. If you are eating very high protien diet, heated diet like non veg, almond, spicy food, fast food in excess then it will force the semen to get out from body.

my guru ji said that if you have hands and you can make pure diet for yourself then your should not kill the animals for 2 mintue taste.

Eat vegetables, drink water a lot, fruits, do exercise and meditation is our life that is mandatory.

I hope it would help you



That may be an reason, i dont use social media apps, but during the whole day a lot things goes on inside my head and diff diff types of random thoughts about past and future like day dreaming happens, but during sleeping i dont get any type of bad thoughts, it happens like naturally like i wet my pants

Will try those out and thanks for sparing your valuable time here!

Bhai Protein diet good for semen,Yaha veg aur non-veg ka gyan mt cghod

First join gym if you not afford the fee try Yoga and High protein diet with Vegetables and fruits cut Junk food in your diet,drink milk at night or ear boiled chicken which increases your penis muscle strength

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Don’t get rough with your language diff people have diff perspective of seeing their things you could also have clarified that thing by other way
Mind you language
No intention of blaming or shaming you just look at the positive side of the talk

I don’t eat junk food much but will try drinking milk
Thanks for your keen suggestion

Bhai bhai, control, aise words ka use mat karo aap!


Nightfall is just how your body releases old semen if you’re not actively releasing it in other ways. I think nightfalls will only stop when we get older. It’s just a normal thing so don’t worry.


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