Help me please. HELP HELP HELP

Is there any way to block playstore ? I did every blocks. But this playstore can’t be blocked
I have even installed parental control
But this I find some way to install some apps which directs me to twitter or I find some way. So it’s better to disable playstore. But in android there a provision for it. I’m using poco F1. Miui 12. PLEASE I’M BEGGING, IS THERE SOME WAY TO BLOCK THIS PLAYSTORE. I HAVE BLOCKED THE MI STORE AND EVERY DISTRACTION APPS. BUT THE SOURCE FOR NEW APPS IS ONLY PLAYSTORE FOR ME. I CAN’T STOP USING MY PHONE BECAUSE I GET UPDATES FOR MY STUDIES. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE is there any way or app which can block playstore and I don’t have access to get rid of it. I understand it’s me who have to be in control. But o don’t do it wanted, I don’t have any browser I just download some apps like facts, or downloaders which somehow has a builtin browser which redirects easily. Please help.


Just disable it. It’s that simple


Sadly I do not know whether one can actually delete it you would probably have to open the development mode etc

Aden is right you can set it back to factory settings and disable the Google play store also you can deactivate the notifications and hide the icon so it takes more fort to search for it


First off i want to apologize for 35 people saw you post for help and just kept on Going

Okay now i can start-
bro what you need is self-discipline. you have to want to overcome this.
back in the days i did the same as you; i got blockers on my phone with a code either by me or someone else but if there’s a will there’s away.

i don’t know man if you wanna beat your meat than beat your meat but if you want to change and be different and win against this beast
the power comes from in you first
whether Porn is bad or
Whether porn and masturbation is some type of sin ( if your christain)
doesn’t matter the truth is your going to do it anyway
you have to want a better life
you have to want to win
you have to want what God has planned for you than what your doing


Bro disable the notifications from phone settings
It might help

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Thanks for these words. I think nothing can stop us if we stick on to what is good and bad. And having some faith in God will definitely lead us in life.
It’s really kind for you to apologise, but that’s ok maybe they didn’t know it either.

I will try it bro, this miui is some shit. Doesn’t allow us to disable few apps

Miui is worse in this case

It’s miui, bro. I need to change my phone to android

Bro , playstore and all other google apps can be deleted using root methods which are sick, and the real problem isn’t in your phone , it’s in your brain that makes you fall into a cycle . If you are getting rid of porn then you must get rid of the addiction with your phone. I know how important our smartphone is for the updates , but it still can be managed .

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Just search on YouTube how to do it
Nowadays if people can crack movies and shit…you can atleast do that much bro

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@prothekter_aden do not be too harsh on him. I get where but are coming from but still he is probably desperate and on his individual journey to nofap…
You have him good advice now the ball is in his court :relaxed:

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Earlier too, I found some guy who left this app (Rewire Companion) becuz he said this app redirected him to YouTube🤦‍♂️
Deleting Insta and Twitter, I can understand, but why playstore?

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Yes it’s absolutely within us. Just few months then I will damn seriously shift to iOS or stock which better.

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