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Guys i just want your answers about my questionable thought…Listen Till today my highest streak is 11 days …and im practicing nofap from January 2021 I guess …but recently I notice that my involvement with porn has lessened so much like i no longer think about it the whole day …but on the other hand during my relapses …I just dont enjoy that much like it’s disgusting…it is indeed. And also I dont feel that much guilt after relapse…Why is it happening and do you think I can achieve the 90 day goal in this #NONUTNOVEMBER?

@1234Manu Good to hear that your involvement in those things have lessened, you are basically going through the phase that happened to me also I would jack of every day but I felt kind of boring and annoyed like why the hell am I doing this every time, it had began like a cycle for me, my brain that time was in a state of unconscious, my brain was fogged by those things

There is nothing to worry about this behaviour this is the most crucial phase of a porn affected brain, in simple words your brain is asking you again for the very last time that are you going to continue watching all those things and Jack off or Stop doing those things.

Basically One part of your brain is asking you to stop this all and another part of your brain is just unconscious or unaware of what is going on and is working according to the porn, like it has become a continuous cycle for him.

You must break that cycle to get rid of this behaviour- like go outside meet people, spend some quality time with friends and family, go on a cycling session, talk to real girls.

Please Stop working with your porn affected brain it only show you the good but not the bad.

You must have a very very very strong reason to break this cycle, this strong reason cannot be developed by reading the nofap motivation quotes or benefits of nofap quotes, to develop the strong reason go talk to a real person (like your father or mother or grandmother) face to face and share all your experience with them regarding this topic they can definitely help you better than us.

Hope it helps :wink:


Thanks bro will surely try

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Welcome and feel free to share anything :slightly_smiling_face:

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