Help Me Out From PMO Addictions

Hello Guys!
I am 23 old guys and start quiting this PMO addiction from 5th of June 2022 and my last masturbate is on 3 P.M. (GMT +7)
But first sorry my english isn’t good but i’ll try my best.

So my first addiction of PMO about 8 years ago, i watch porn, so i have a method to hold tight my pillow next to my thigh till i cum. So the first i did that thing 3 times a week, but it getting worse in 2017 i did that thing almost every single day with 2-3 times per day and it happens till now.

What i feel when i not masturbating? I am feelin not comfortable, anxious, and confused (thats what i feel right now)
So today i can’t sleep i write this thread at 02.42 A.M. (GMT +7) because i feel what i mentioned before

Hopefully i can quit from this situation! Please always support me guys, i want a better version of me, i should push my self, and get upgrade to my bestest version of me.

Thank u guys! Cheers


I also have the same goal , all the best brother. Keep improving.


Thanks bro! Hope we will get stronger and get super motivation! Let’s fight from this shit addiction


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