Help me it's urgent

Currently at 104th day
I had total 12 nightfalls in this journey
I know it’s very much but I need help that’s why I m asking
And every morning after nightfall I feel slight pain in my d**k and then it gets erected
After normal ejaculations everyone knows it didn’t get erected and after every nightfall urges also increases on that day.
Anyone can give me any tip?
Because I m suffering a lot in my mind, I m feeling guilty and sad because nightfall is not stopping. And this is last period of this year and my mind is saying that i should relapse just once and this thing is moving in my mind
Pls help me i dont want to relapse


First of all. Stop thinking of nightfall, the thing you will think your brain will show you that only.

Second. Regular meditation,Before sleeping.

Third. Stay hydrated and do breathing exercise.

Fourth. Be chill and while thinking you can revise your day, what all things you have done, IT HELPS A LOT. It avoids all the unnecessary thoughts.

Fifth. Eat food which increase Testosterone level, like Pomegranate and etc.

Sixth. Dont peek, if you are not peeking, then never think about nofap, nightfall, p*, m* while sleeping.

Seventh. Light exercise before sleeping.

So the chart is

Wake up at morning.
Your work
Lunch, dinner, etc,etc
Light exercises

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I know a method that might stop your nightfalls,
But will you be able to do it in cold?

@nofapstar123 what is the method. I had a nightfall last night and I would really want to avoid another one.

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Okay so read carefully and do the steps rightly!

step 1: 10 minutes before you sleep , wash your feet with tapwater ( it should be cold)

step 2: sit in a chair and dry your feet using a towel

step 3: massage your feet softly with mustard oil for 1 minute

you need to do it everyday because we dont know when nightfall occus

thats it

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I currently do not have mustard oil. Would any oil work, or do I go get some mustard oil?

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i dont know about other oil because i used mustard oil. you can try using other oils

Okay, thank you brother.

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always there for you all :slightly_smiling_face:

thank you for this information. I think I should try this @StealthChopperinbond

I think 100+ days is really a good achievement. Keep going and don’t look back.
Coming to nightfalls, I think the above suggestions are great and we need to apply in our life. @StealthChopperinbond @nofapstar123
In addiction to that, If you are from India, probably you can goto near by ayurvedic local store. Tell them the issue of night falls. I am sure there will be some syrup or tablets which might help for you. For me that worked and till now i am not getting any nightfalls. ( i am addicted from a long 15yrs unknowingly)
Note: I don’t think, the one which i use may or may not work for you or available at your place. Moreover i don’t have ample knowledge of medicines. Let me know, how you ll going to fight
Good Day!!

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:ok_hand::ok_hand::ok_hand::ok_hand::ok_hand: Super!!!