Help me getting started again

Hey… I just relapsed on my day 7. From the morning I was feeling the urges. Controlled myself till the evening and then fapped.Now just starting from 0. Can you all share your tips to be successful in nofap.

Same. Day 9 and boom… relapsed… masturbation and orgasm…

Back to day 0… again…

after you have relapsed ask your self what I am going to do better this time. what is going to be different this time.

sometimes sheer willpower may not work. you may need to cut off the triggers from its roots.


:blush:You succeeded 7 days is no joke next step is asking yourself what can you improve what it pictures that triggered you on some app like insta? Well you change your algorithm by clicking “see fewer posts like this”
Was it a woman you saw walking by the road? well next time power your gaze.
Was it boredom? You get up get your keys and start walking outside.
Was it stress that caused this? Well take a cold shower do some streaching and breath in and out as hard as you can.
This are just examples just ask yourself what made me do It?
Sometimes you might argue with your girlfriend, and end up doing pmo, maybe you do this all the time and you never realise it.

Of you had a car and while riding on the road you rode on the same hole and it annoys you what would you do next?

Be aware all the time man.