Help me bro, i need advice.🥺

Can anyone tell me when this brain fog will go away? I have exams and i am forgetting evry single thing.

Well you are experiencing a symptom to focus and have trouble in remembering things or think cleary or have lot of indecisiveness in some cases.

According to what I have read it has a lot of causes like unhealthy diet and also unhealthy lifestyl. Like not getting enough exercise or water in.

The other thing is notice how your stomach is working. Is it hard to get poo out or you kinda feel nauseous or struggle to get hungry. As this could also cause it.

In some cases they say the Thyroid glad isn’t working properly. So for to find that out you sadly have to do blood work examination.

Speaking of hormones and lifestyle nofap can maybe also cause it in a way as the body undergoes a lot of changes in Hormonal levels. Less dopemine and also possible increase in testosterone and stress hormones.

The big cause in this is lack in sleep too since the mind isn’t getting enough rest in. As you might feel sluggish to should this be a thing you do and your body might feel well rested but your head tells you a different story. Like I said struggle to think or remember that tipe of stuff.

To make sure to ‘cure’ this in part well try getting more active and drink a bit more water. Make sure you get enough sleep everyone is not the traditional 8 as getting too much sleep is also a bit bad and have the same effect.

The easiest thing also is what they call sleep routine. You have to go to bed every night at the same time and wake up every morning at the same time to achieve great results.

But it can pass in a week or so as you implemented the changes. Should they not work it is in the hormone department.

Hope this helps! Good luck and stay strong and awesome!

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Ok thx bro, I will follow all the tips you have given.

Stay strong,:heart:

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Exercise and coldshower my dude…


Reading 100 times is better than writing once…when you are difficult to concentrate… write it and read it…you will remember


Awesome study tip! This helped me alot as well esspecially when you can write it in your own words with key concepts.

Try to read aloud as well not just read it. Also repeat it without notes to show what you can remember, but be like a teacher explain the concept more. If you can explain the concept you understand and remember it more too.

Good luck and stay strong and awesome a


Agreed with you …:muscle::muscle:


Be calm and don’t talk to any one for one hour.Think about u r self and planning to do wht u have to​:grin::hugs::hugs: