Help! I want to get rid of this regular relpase!

I have a problem that I cannot cross my 16-18 day streak…for the last 2 months…
Although my highest streak is of 71 days…
I am currently on my 11th day and I have a feeling that it will happen again!
I don’t want this to happen again!
Please guys I need your advice and support!
Any advice is appreciated!
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Brother same is happening with me… Exactly same

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You have to get rid of this feeling buddy.
you know that you relapse on 16 or 18th day.

So focus on those 3 days. You have to yourself stay away from all the triggers… all the urges…no one else is going to do that for you right?
Like i will stay away from triggers herr and so you will not relapse there. Its you yourself. Right?

Be the most productive during those 3 days.
Stay away from your regular relapse positions and places in those 3 days.


If only anyone can push you towards the destruction is you yourself.
If only anyone can pull you out of this is you yourself. !!

Believe in yourself. Make the decision. And work on your decision. And conquer it.


Most importantly, you don’t want to do it, and it shows your will to quit. Just try and remember what leads you to this situation…is it an image? A thought? A site or a video. Just try not to go that way…sure its difficult, I have it myself, but keep trying…eventually you’ll succeed…many good advices on this forum…I found much help myself…
And remember, it will definetely feel like the “world is ending”, when you have an urge and you don’t get satisfaction… but this is the right way…
Stay strong man.


Actually the problem is that I usually have to sit at a place in a day for around 10 hours…
I am preparing for competitive exams…
Then u know sometimes we get demotivated due to all the stress because of studies and over it controlling urges becomes difficult for me…
And then the flashbacks come and I control them for the whole day but at night all the willpower drains…
And after a relpase bouncing back it is very difficult…
I don’t want to study or do anything…
And I don’t know if I relpase this if i ever be able to bounce back from this shit😭


Then you have to decide what is your priorities.
You know you can’t study after relapse.
But what are you goals? Cracking the exam or taking out time for relapsing?

What should you gibe more importance to. I know whole day’s work drains us. And the whole day’s urges gets stronger by night.

But why to get defeated by the whole day’s urges when instead you can celebrate the victory of the day on studies as well as urges.

Celebrate it. Stay positive. You could do it today because you know your priorities. You know how to crack the day. And you can do the same next day if you keep the victory in your mind instead of the defeat.

Its just mind games brother. You have to just shut down your brain at night as it took a lot of load in the daytime…

Work so hard the whole day that you sleep with satisfaction rather than fears.


Thanks @strongwillpower I never thought of it this way…I will try my best for this coming week…
Thanks again for your kind words of wisdom!
Together we can make it!


Is there a way to control urges when they get strong?


Your welcome man.

Our brain has a outer layer made up of PMO. It acts like a preventive shield. It doesn’t let good things reach the brain.

Good things like, motivation, inspiration, positive vibes, self belief. Etc…

This layes knows, if all these good things enter our brain… they this layer will not be able to survive in our body. This layer will know our body will throw it out. So it create fears.

It is a parasite.

Get rid of this parasite.


Knowing and giving value and time to the urge leads to relapse.

Check this.


Yeah you are right!
I just realised I become overly conscious on my critical days…
Thanks again!
This community is truly grateful to have someone like you!


Wanna know what are the fears?

  1. The world is over
  2. I don’t have a life.
  3. I can’t do anything good in life.
  4. I am a loser.
  5. Etc.

By this the parasite sticks more firmly in our body. Our body then thinks why to have these fears… instead lets fapp daily and do no hardwork.

But actually its the parasite that makesus think so.

Our brain is capable of defeating everything in this world. Its just the layer of parasite that doesn’t lets it to.


Man, maybe if dopamine detox is not working, try to get dopamine from something else and not porn. For example, nowadays I listen to some aggressive rap by Scarlxrd, NF, etc. so I don’t get dirty thoughts.