Help, confused whether again in flatline or not


I am in day 54. In the nofap period I had non penetrative sex 9 times with successful erections all the time. I started nofap mainly due to porn addiction and due to thinking regarding future performance anxiety. This happened the day I tried to masturbate with porn but was not able to get erection.

So I took command of situation and started my nofap journey. I already faced one flatline in the month of November.Lately upto December 7 I had good non penetrative sex. From november after coming from flatline I also started having morning woods. After December 7 I had morning woods as well as two wet dreams.

Lately i got engaged also. But today I am again not feeling any libido or sex drive. I am not feeling anything for sex today. Am I in flatline again. I am again panicked. Please help.

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Sorry except " a like" button I can’t help you my dear friend. I am also confused