Hello nofapper:))

Hello everyone i hope you guys are doing wonderful, well I wanted to ask something, i required some good porn blocker currently im using blockerx premium version but this is not working for me well it’s block my chrome, and in build browser but I’m looking for blocker which block all browse even in rewire browser too, whenever i search 18+ stuff is should me immediately stop, not complete block Which can i do other thing but when i search porn it should be block
Thank you : slightly_smiling_face:
Sry for bad English

Bro, why do you want to search such stuff in the first place???

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Idk my brain started giving signal to Search p, even I’m just using rewire browser for Good purposes but then to its lead me to p

Then why don’t you just switch off or turn off and flick your phone onto the couch or bed? :rofl: :rofl:

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I’ll tryed to throw my phone,:joy::joy:my screen got damage but again I’m starting doing same thing

C’mon bro, don’t you got other stuff to do?
Im also trying to do other things when this shit starts to happen…

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Lol i think my alone that why;_;

Why u have deleted it, no not in relationship one

Each person has its own procedures… My goal is also to control myself to the point at which if suddenly step upon a sex scene on any Netflix Series I don’t go relapsing

So in my case I don’t download any blocker. I hope the day porn would be irrelevant to me… As a subject that would never attract me at all

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