Hello Guys - Back Again ,I Know -And With A Problem Too😭

So Yeah -I Relapsed Guys
I Had Gone For A Streak Of 150 Days -And After Relapsing, The Loop That I Used To Find Myself In Finally Got me .

Well For Those Who Who Dont Know Me -I Was Previously A Member Of This Supportive Community , And Took Inspiration From One Of Evil Vices Itself “Ego”

Well I Basically had Turned My Problem Into A Dare By Saying That I wouldnt Show my face here , This Is Something I Would Not At All Recommend Guys …Ego Is Eventually Gonna Make You Relapse .

Reasons For Relapse (Just For Talking My Heart Out -Sorry)

  1. My Crush Told That She Had A Crush On My BestFriend -Who Also Had Recirocally ,however
    Both Couldnt Act On It Due To The Pandemic.
  2. My Classes Had Started For A New Grade And Basically There Was A Ton Of Work Given
    Along With A Really Limited Deadline.
  3. I Also Found Out That The School I Am Going to Study In Has A Really Low Selection Rate -
    That Is Basically Nobody Ever Made It To That Particular College - Even Tho They Did Get Into Some Really Commendable Colleges .
  4. Also -I Was Basically Alone During The Whole Pandemic -In Terms Of Interaction With Friends -As I Had Shut Down Insta Twitter Facebook And Was Limited Using Of Whatsapp Too.
  5. I Had Begun Playing Io Games Online Due to less ram in Pc - And Watched Endless Web Series
  6. My Mind Was Basically Filled With Fog And A LOOOOOOOTT Of Stress For The First Time In My Life Personally
  7. And Even Though I Had Been On About 148 Days - I Had Suddenly Got Intense Brain fog

Today I Reset My Streak After DAAAAAAAYSSSS OF Resetting - with 2-6 Days Maximum

This Time Around Though -I Really Have A Good Amount Of Hope For This

I Did Not MO Today But Did Watch P And I Am Definitely Feeling A Sense Of Guilt As Today Something Literally Life Changing Happened To Me ,

So I Made Up 1 CHALLENGE FOR MYSELF (If U Wanna Try Out, U r Welcome)
So Basically I Have An Exam In 2 Years Consisting Of About 600-700 Marks
And To Get Into My Dream College -I Want To Be The One With The Max Score EVER

Every Time I Feel An Urge For PMO. I Tell Myself That If I Do PMO -I Am Losing 50% Of My Goal
And The Reset is Only Possible At The Rate Of 1% Per Day
Other Than That -Its Not Possible To Go Above A 100% Though The Deducting Can Go Below 0%
Therefore for 100 days Streak With Your Goal Continuously In Mind , U Are Basically Having much Fewer Relapses-Maybe Even None -If U R Dedicated Enough

Now - This Was A Technique I Used And It Didnt Work After 150 days for 1 reason - My Goal Was done -And I Didnt Have A New One .

From December To March I Had A Continuous Aim For A Goal -And I Had Been Able to Complete My Goal- But Basically the “Urge-Eliminating Mechanism” Was Gone Guys

So I Am Aiming To Have A Really Long Streak Of No PMO From This Goal -Until I Get Into My Dream College (It is An Ivy League College In India and Only 50 Students Are Selected Out of About 1.5 Million Students Giving the Exam Basically )

I Know I Can Crack This - Just I Need To Have A Clear, Curious Mind Similar to the Last time I was On The Nofap Streak .

I Wish Every Single Person Reading This Success Happiness And Also That All Their Dreams Will Come True.

As For The Challenge Guys - I am Starting It Today Onwards - No-Pmo-Goal-Percent Challenge.
In Addition to that I Was Initially Planning to Enroll For A Few Challenges On This Forum Too ,
However Cant Do So Since I Do Not Have The App Right Now- I Have Locked The Tablet And Kept It Aside As It Has Caused Me A Few Relapses.

So Today 14 JUNE 2020 - STARTS MY STREAK And It Shall Go On Indefinitely Until I Get Into My Dream College .

@Forerunner -Hello Brother -Been A Long Time , Sad To See That U Had Relapsed
But Still i Am Really Happy As U Did Not Get Controlled By Chaser Effect as I Had Before And Got To Day 19 Too. Wish You All The Best Brother -Hope You Get Even Longer Streaks And Leave This Addiction Forever.


You wanna go in IIT Bombay (CS branch)?


That epic specificity tho…

I can relate as an Indian XD


No Brother -AIIMS New Delhi

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We Will Overcome This Addiction Brother :smile:
And Get What We Want Together :v: :+1: