Hello everyone,new here

My name is Aanand. I am from india.i am addicted to pmo for nearly 14 years. I am in my late 20’s. I am not able to pass 3 months reboot course from almost 4 years. I always fails around 30 days. I discovered this app on play store when i was looking for an app to count my days. I need accountability partners for the goal of Reboot.


I think First month is very hard, my first streak was of 12 days, second of 10 days and third of 4 days. When i began on my fourth streak, i was already so fedup from this and want to overcome this thing no matter what and then i made a 83 days streak still running, I experienced first month being very difficult but as you cross 30 days, second month is not so tough, I’ll update when I complete my third month. So for now, hold on for 1 month, it would be easy after that.


What are your sharing codes ? Are you interested in accountability( supporting each other regularly ) with me ?

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