HELLLO pretty people

Hey everyone how is everyones day going iam in the mood to hear stories and plz tell me how is ur life going with no fap if there is a change or nah or if you are stuck in a stage and want a pal iam here


hi bobmoussa, went to the gym early in the morning, there was a new girl, who was pretty hot, at the gym doing squats and my eyes got struck upon her. In no time she noticed me seeing her and then began the staring game which continued until I got out of there. A good amount of confidence boost for the day though.
Took a cold shower and started studying for exams after that. Today is getting a bit difficult for me because I am having some serious urges so drinking a lot of water and peeing again and again. And I know I’ll move past these storms like a triumphant.
Not fapping seems a bit harsh on myself sometimes but after being patient for those times I feel that my will power is stronger than ever. I used to fumble while talking to people earlier and couldn’t make eye contact or self initiate the conversation. But thankfully it is almost gone and I am feeling a new inspiration to socialize with people these days. I also used to see every women with a weird kind of perspective, mostly sexual and I used to feel extremely guilty about it because I knew I am not a bad person, I mean no harm to anyone and I am not doing it intentionally but sub consciously. Now that perspective is changing and I can already feel the difference. I can actually make conversations with women without getting a hint of weird desire in the back of my mind.
I can go on for a while about my feelings right now but I must get back to studying now. Time to be productive.

Thanks for asking and you can share your feelings too if you want. :wink:



I went to the gym 2 times this week, I started eating apples and bananas instead of chocolate and I feel energetic.

I am just 7 days in but I start to feel the superpowers already!!


Damnn man iam really proud of you specially the part about overcoming urges its always a test to see if u are up for the challenge keep going forward really nice life style well i dont have many things to say but i did change overall iam less angry less depressed less stressed always smiling and seeing the beautiful things about life and overall my charisma with everyone is improving


7 days are better than 0 beleive me i want u to stay like this iam proud of you u can reach day 100 if u got what it takes and i know u doo

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Today I’m on my 12th day. For the past one week I have changed my habits totally. I stopped watching TV, youtube. Because these are the places where our mind cannot be controlled. I started reading books, currently I’m reading the power of sub-conscious mind by joseph murphy.

I have started to do exercises during early morning regularly. I have visited to a nearby temple. I have read that these temples are the divine vibrational centres. So you people can also try going to any divine locations.

Since I’m interested in drawing I have planned to do an art for passing my time. I don’t get urges easily so it was easy for me. 12days passed easily. since it is a short period of time.

I’m always conscious about what I put in my stomach even during my past. But now a days I prefer groundnut chikkis, sprouts instead of cashews and almonds.

Need to control myself more. I have planned big. So I will notfap in future…

Bye! Have great day!!


Wow really good progress just keep that mentality up you are doing this for you ur future self will thank you for this wish u the best

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Thanks bro!! Wish you the same

I have completed 21 days.
I have improved a lot in this period of time.
Before i used to spend my whole time lying on my bed and play games and watch movies. I hate that life.
But things are changing…
1.I started my studies again.
2.I started going outside for morning & evening walking.
3.I started excercising.
4.I have reduced my time on watching TV and smartphone.
5. I have become more confident.
6. I am more positive about my life now.
7. I am facing my fears now.
8. I have found out my other weaknesses & addictions and i am working on them also.
9. I have a lot of control over my nerves now.
10. I am chewing food properly now.
11.Music never felt so great.
12. Humans never looked so beautiful.
13. All human Feelings are popping out.
14. Waking up early.

I know 21 days is very less time and it is a long journey. I do not know what will happen if i achieve 50 days.
I think i will be a SUPERMAN one day if i keep on going like this. Seriously man. Hard Mode is life changing.


Well what can i say this is a big and huge progress and ian really proud and motivated to hear that iam on my 11th day iam feeling everyday better and u gave me confidence in this i hope you acheive the 50 day streak and more much love brother hope we will reach the 100 1 day

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Yes, Together as brethrens we should Rise Again as we were before this habit destroyed us