Health Benefits?

What are the health benefits to nofap? I’m doing it selfishly in hopes that it’ll strengthen my hair because I read somewhere that male climaxes kill off hair follicle with a certain hormone called dht or something. They said it’s an 18 day wait to get rid of the dht created from male ejaculation.

Side note: I’m on my 12th day of no fap. Wondering what to expect. Hoping for the confidence boost to come out soon too from this journey.


Well, I had some streaks, but nothing major like a month or so. What I noticed in me so far is increased energy - not that much attracted to staying in bed during a weekday, also more prone to physical activities.

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Ejaculation brings one close to death.
And Not Ejaculating makes one more healthy in all aspects.

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Hair grows back:-They may or may not. Depends on many other factors, masturbation is just one of those factor. Stopping fap will ensure masturbation doesn’t contribute to your hair loss, thats it. The production of DHT and loss of keretin is the reason. Please read articles on hair falls and how to prevent them.

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