Healing, healthy lifestyle discussion

Hi Brothers,

I want your advices on your healthy routines.
I already tried quite a few things, some sticked with me, some doesn’t. I will mostly list what remained as a routine. So for more than a year I started eating healthier and exercising. I lost a nice amount of kgs due to it. After a few months I improved my exercises more. I also tried doing kegels but it doesn’t remained with me. I feel like I should push this one more. I started eating whey only on days with heavy exercises. At spring I also started biking. A month ago I started eating collagen, because I don’t want limp skin due to my weight loss. It seems to be working. I also started taking cold showers a bit more than a week ago. Today was the first time I felt comfortable with it. This made me realise that I reached this point and I have no more idea, what to do.

I seek for more. I want to perfect my body as much as possible. Do you have any advice? What could be the next step? What is the next level?

With full honesty, I’m confronted with pied. I was an addict for more than a decade. I know healing takes time. Thank God I see improvements already but it is far from as it should be. So when you have any advice, please consider this as well.

Thank you for reading!


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