Headaches, why?

Does anyone have dopamine headaches? They are too intense… Is it because someone indulge in sexual fantasies, or it is a withdrawal symptom? Why do I have them at 126 days?


I am also going through the same intrnse headache…
Its rewiring of mind… Mind is adjusting now because we had stopped giving the very high level of dopamine to our mind…
Its the withdrawal brother…

Don’t take tension for it… Let it happen what is happening.


Bro I just had a gf for the past 3 weeks and I get a lot of erections and precum when I think about her, when we kissed, or even when I see her and we talk, I’m just afraid that I’m releasing too much dopamine you know and it sets me back… If it’s a withdrawal symptom then it’s ok, but I don’t feel like it… I got too much progress because I have erections and I’m feeling good. But everytime we talk I got a boner and precum and I dont want to desensitize my dopamime receptors

If you want to talk more about it, dm me.

Brother you can try the exercises called “Ashwini Mudra”. This will tighten your muscles that will help in precum

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Yes, look I don’t care for precum as the substance… I just care if it actually is bad for dopamine and it sets me back… If don’t I don’t really care, did you read the post I wrote my friend? Because I think I didn’t tag you in it