Headache, drowsiness and anxiousness due to Nofap

Its my 8th day with no pmo, i am having a constant headache and feeling anxious since yesterday. In addtion i am getting strong urges of masturbation and a feeling that fapping would help me overcome headache and anxiousness. I think my nofap streak is in danger. Please help me what should I do to stay calm and normal “997ae4 my code”


Don’t give into your urge! It is not worth giving up your awesome streak!

If you are at home, go out now! Go for a walk, call a friend to meet, go to the gym!

I was where you were yesterday and gave into my urge, and now feel like shit.

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Identify what the tools (enablers) are that “help” you to give into your urge.
For me, it is being alone, and having access to the internet to get your source of porn.
So what helped me was to keep my bedroom phone and laptop free, and to read a book until I fall asleep.

Best of luck!
You can beat the inner devil, bro! :wink:

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