HE-MAN123's Diary- Success Story

Day 14

With God’s grace, I won’t relapse ever again. Even if I die, I won’t pmo. Not again. #365Daysmonkmode I am here to stay. I pray to God to heal me quickly and show me the “benefits” of nofap quickly otherwise I tend to get depressed. But even if no results show and I feel terrible all the time, which I assume won’t be the case though, I won’t stop because porn and masturbation would be even worse than that. It is even unthinkable. I am a proud noffaper. 14 days today :muscle::muscle:

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I don’t think you will see benefits in that short period. My highest streak was 270 and benefit was built over time, it was built when I rejected porn every single day, after 200 days you’ll find out you are different man without even NOTICED when that happened. That every single rejection builds you and the benefits comes with it


Thanks a lot for articulating that. Thanks a lot for the help bro.

We fight same enemy brother.
Please don’t chase benefits on so early stage, your wounds are still opened, bleeding, when they will be scars and people admire them and ask you how did it , that will be the benefits. Then you’ll stand a hero.:wink:


Day 15

well yeah I am proud of myself for reaching 15 days today. I am strong and will remain committed. Even if I die, I won’t look at porn or masturbate again. I am a full monk for one year. Even in my thoughts, I reject porn and masturbation and lewd thinking/entertainment. I know I am growing better each time, each day I reject pmo and stay clean. God bless me.


Day 16

Never become complacent regarding this addiction. It is not impossible to break this addiction but it’s not very easy either. Discipline, consistency and commitment will eventually free me. One year complete monk mode :person_in_lotus_position:‍♂ :slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face::muscle::muscle:


Day 17

Porn and masturbation ruined my life. I hate even the very words porn and masturbation. God save and bless me. Every single day stayed clean is such a great feeling. I am getting better each day. Just stay clean for today. Just stay clean for today. Stay busy and focused on your goals. Remove all the sources which can trigger, all the sexy songs, music, video, social media etc. Work hard for your goals. I am slowly, perhaps very slowly but surely getting healed and getting better and the best version of myself. Don’t worry, stay clean and be a proud, disciplined, resolute nofapper.


God bless you with determination and healing. Glad to see you strong.


Day 18 :slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face:

Yesterday I ran for the second time this year. I have done great injustice to myself by indulging in totally unhealthy porn and mastubation addiction for years. I did a great lot of damage to my body, my life, career, social life, relationships everything. I owe myself atleast one complete year of total abstinence for healing and recuperation on a really deep level though I believe a part of me can never be recovered fully. I dedicate myself a full One year in monk mode for my own growth, health and career prospects. I am a proud nofapper. I am mentally strong, powerful and stick to what I have atleast publicly proclaimed a dozen times!!


Don’t worry about the past brother. We all did ourselves a great disservice through engaging in this addiction.

What counts is that you’re breaking free now! 1 year free and clean is worth more than 20 spent as a chronic addict.

Focus on your future and stay strong.


Day 1

No worry. I will still do it. No matter what. Yeah, it’s such a shame I always fail. But I will do it now.

I am including Nofap Affirnation daily in my routine to make my subconscious mind quit this thing.

Day 2

Get going again. Masturbation causes loss of lots of energy. Still feeling rhe tired effects post relapse. Shouldn’t have done that sick shit, shouldn’t have done it. I didn’t even really enjoy it but still like an addict, I compulsively did that meaningless thing. Fall of a man!


Day 3

Reclaim lost glory. Be established in nofap, semen retention. It’s very hard but doable.

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Day 4

My short term goal is to reach 30 days now.
I have reached 30 days many times. But still it’s a difficult accomplishment. I will reach day 30 again now.
Porn and masturbation= regret, pain, lethargy, weakness, dullness, death.
Nofap= energy, enthusiasm, positivity, happiness, life, sanity.

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Come on, this time you can’t fail!


Day 5

I feel so mentally, physically and spiritually fatigued and bloated from the lifestyle I have been living, specially the effects of chronic porn and masturbation addiction for all these years that I can’t take it anymore. I will do a minimum of 5 day water fasting starting today for my deep healing, detoxing and resetting of my being. God bless me!!!

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Day 6

and day 2 of my fast. Good going. Let my body and brain be repaired and healed properly. Let this fasting cleanses and purifies me. :pray:t3:

Day 7

Day 2 of fasting successfully completed and going for Day 3 now.

I will break my 72 hours fast tomorrow. Let me be cautious and gradually build my capacity.