Having trouble falling asleep

I have gone 11 days without P, traded my smart phone for money and got a flip phone to curb phone addiction. It was also a primary source of my addiction so getting rid of it has helped.

So, one of my moments of difficulty in fighting this PM is when I am falling asleep. I am by myself. My mind seems to explode in thoughts, feelings, memories. It’s quite intense. I did not know until I’ve been abstaining that I was using PM to calm my thoughts and go to sleep.

I need advice on helping to calm my thoughts and falling asleep without PM. Last night I tried no P or M and I was up til 2am with so many thoughts racing through my head like a hurricane. Nothing specific, just random thoughts and emotions.


You can do intense workouts or keep yourself extremely busy during the day so that when you go to bed at night, you’re so exhausted that you fall asleep.

Although I think you’re still gonna face trouble falling asleep in the initial stages. Just don’t go back to PM. You might have some shitty days but hold on to your new ways. Eventually your mind and body will adapt.

Meditation might help too.


Try this as a meditative practice. Take an oil lamp :diya_lamp:(or a candle) like this in a completely dark room and keep staring at the flame for 10 minutes. Don’t blink and let your eyes water. You can do it before sleep, or you can do it at anytime of the day. You can do it multiple times in a day too, but since you got sleep issue, just do it before bedtime.
If not help you sleep, it will at least calm you down a little more. You’ll see the effects in 2-5 days. Just 10 minutes before bedtime.

And while you do it, don’t listen to music or whatever. Your focus should be on flame itself. Put a timer of 10 minutes and keep staring at flame without anyone or anything disturbing you.


Intense workout don’t help much I have this same problem maybe it’s a part of reset , tomorrow because of playing football in school my legs and stomach was paining my body was exhaust but still it took me 2 hours to fell asleep after 1 hour I waked up again thoughts bother me very much .