Having Selfdoubt

I am having selfdoubt continuously that i am not doing nofap.

I am not peeking or fantasizing.

Still having these kind of things…:pensive:


It happens , it happened with me also when I was on day 15th and this feeling lead to relapse . Just keep going . Ur doin nofap Warrior

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Yes. I know how single mindedly i train to become strong.

I will not let this opportunity to go from my hand.

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Coincidentally i am on day 15th too.:astonished:


Dont relapse :joy: like me

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Yes. I will not do that👍

Bro 15 to 30 days may be tough…but you can see very rare that someone relapsed after 40 days… just break the crossline…you know your weakness…only you can solve … eliminate the trigger slowly…
Bhai tum to indian ho bhagvad geeta padho …kuch karne ki jarurat nhi sab kuch karne wala upar betha he…tumhe to maze karna he sirf :sweat_smile: urges ki tension hi nhi loge …thoda thoda body pain hoga lekin willpower bhi itna nehi chahiye maze se age jaoge…


How to save myself from triggering

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@Zeusss your first target should be P*. You can relapse by watching any pic and videos but not porn…take 3 month…then you will settle without p*…now just focus on instagram model… eliminate one by one…it requires willpower…before doing this read easy peasy book line by line…read holy book…
If you stopped watching porn then you are very safe…now you can slowly improve your streak by eleminati g triggers…
I am not writing long paragraph I think you can understand :sweat_smile: