Having Intense urge

it’s my 6th day. Feeling intense urge. Having random fantasies. It feels like i will have ejaculation if i just move my leg bit left or right. What to do in this situation? It feels just one touch in penis is enough to cause ejaculation.

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Don’t give up Brother. We want freedom and embracing this pain is the price for it. Stay strong on your purpose and don’t ever think to quit.
Engage yourself with another work mentally or physically, talk to someone, have a walk around. Try not to focus on your urges, see your life is so meaningful. You can’t waste it by watching few seconds of those shit.


Thanks brother for your reply. It helped me. I will go for the walk.

Bro be calm and submit your phone to the elders and spend some time with them. It will prevent you to ejaculate. And don’t think of porn and sit in one place. U should do activities like play games or whatever you like, I like to play video games;) . you can also play it reduces stress. Try it ones and you should try Brahma Rahasyan( Aryuvedic Tonic booster), it will enhance your memory. With no side effects. You can find it online, if you have some memory losses. And maintain your body and be friends with opposite gender and ask their Feelings and also ask their point of view on this. If not you can ask them about their goals and …

Asking from different gender will help you to know what porn is. Basically it is a Web.
Hope it helps :wink: let’s be pornographic free


Don’t overthink, you meat is not a ticking bomb waiting to explode, especially not on 6th day. Go through known tactics that help defeating urges.


Exercises (20min) + Cold Shower + Read NoFap Content


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Just think if you Relapse you have to do six days again for a moment of pleasure