Have you ever get urge by seeing girls wearing shorts?

i was surfing youtube and watching pranks
i got urge bcz girls were wearing shorts

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It is called “Trigger” and I think lot of guys have that trigger.

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oh yes that trigger is bad that is a stair to pmo
this is soft porn
do you think that girls should not wear that types of dress that arise urges
what do you say

Nope, you should try to control your urges. There are to many girls and you cant banish short pants all over the world.

yes you are right we cannot ban shorts or anything else
but we have to.admire that these things are wrong
porn is wrong
anyway are you in a relationship

Hhm, I like seeing my girl on shorts, but as you, think porn is bad, and that is baneable. c:
Look at the india porn ban.

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I answered you in private message, but I’m going to copy/paste my point of view here, because it might be useful to someone else.

"Is really up to you to understand shorts are just clothes and nothing for feel aroused to.

Maybe one possible way its habituation. Habituation means constant exposure to the stimulus in order to lower action potentials of the brain response to that particular stimulus. In other words… Avoiding to watch woman’s in short is probably not the way to overcome the urge to woman’s clothes… Instead, you must control the urge without avoiding the stimulus so your brain could achieve a new neuronal pathway which means adaptation and learning."


Same, couldnt write it better.