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Hi guys last week I completed 1 month of nofap, however I broke my month long streak due to some circumstance. And during ejaculating I felt pain in the middle part of my penis… and a still fapped after few days and still there was little pain again in that same part… has anyone faced this issue?? Pls share .

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Yes I have, those are quite common.
It’s like running after a long time, you will get sore legs after the run.
Likewise, after a relapse (a long streak relapse),
you will experience similar things.

Now don’t binge porn or masturbate, just continue Nofap.
The earlier you get back, the earlier you get rid.
Keep trying , your first streak will not be the last one.
When you try continuously, you will become stronger and can finally stop PMO.


What kind of pain? Strong?

How old are you and how long have you been masturbating obsessively?

Thanks may be you are right because as a ejaculated again and again, that pain went away… but now I am back on nofap will complete my day 1 today.

Intense pain that came after ejaculating… Like my muscles inside penis are pulled by someone

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