Hard mode...Did I relapse?

Hi all gurus out there…
I am on a hard mode journey of no fap …
But my mind is getting nasty thoughts very frequently… I am meditating it is fading away and then again it comes with more force. I know I will not edge or masturbate… but that thought in my mind is causing me excessive secretion of precum and it’s more gluy than before…
Did I just lose?
Is it considered as relapse?
How to stop getting precum?
My dick is not hard today… it’s completely flacid and shrunk … but that precum is making it uncomfortable and balls are feeling very heavy… is it okay?

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Well this is what I do
Meditation for 30 minutes
Workout for 3 hours
Reading a sloka from geeta every single day

All you have to do is to feed your brain with positive content… Daily


@NofapGod123 @Marcio @neetwarrior @nofapstar123. Please suggest

He is feeling mild pain in balls… I think he is forcibly Stopping The flow… And @bandhan21 directly jumps over Hard mode after 3 days of joining… I think this was wrong

Plz help him @JumpingBuddha @strongwillpower @neetwarrior @Tagore @strongwillpower @_TIGER

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Are you a vegetarian or non-vegetarian?

Was non vegetarian… since 4 months I am on spiritual journey. So now i don’t eat meat, fish, egg… but ya I eat onions and garlic @rhybha. So yeah… not pure vegetarian

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I hope its way better now than what it was 4 months ago. just keep moving- physically, intellectually, spiritually. You will have less energy available to drive your lust.

For the physical realm, try to check YouTube on Hanuman Dand. It will tire up and give a good night sleep. Forget lust for the night.

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Brother try to divert your brain from (just no pmo) to do something (productive) like studying or workout or any new hobby may be music…or anything.

Having a x day streak is useless until you develope some new skills…

An important yoga I learnt yesterday is (Ashwini mudra) it strengthens up the lower organ muscles and thus very beneficial in preventing night falls and probably cure your precum problem.

The video link in hindi language…

Skip to the main part…

And keep doing no fap it is a solution to thousands of unknown problem…whose reason we still don’t know…

In most of the problems no fap is ALL IN ONE solution…:om::om::om::om:

From last two days i have been experiencing the same, i was having immense urge. I was feeling too much pressure down there and i saw small semen discharge in my urine. But i decided not to fap, im normal again now

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Bro the thing is I am doing work all the day… I am an artist and influencer. So I don’t watch porn n all… and I have never had a night fall in my life. But from when I’ve started no fap I am getting thoughts of jerking off even when I’m working… truth is I’m not distracted or only thinking about sex… it’s coming in my subconscious just like anxiety, depression ( which haunts you even when you are too busy)

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Cool then… I also don’t want to relapse and lose my progress… I am relieved now that it will go away

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Still may be you could find the Ashwini mudra helpful (pre cum problem) since it strengthens the muscles of lower organ (may take time)…

Yeah… then I’ll try it

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No bud don’t take it as relapse. Trust me, you will definitely know what a relapse is.

It will stop with time. Could be your body is not used to the semen retention and is trying to excrete some out. But if you want to control it, you could do kegels and certain yogasanas.

Bro, you don’t have to constantly think about this all the time. Just know that you are a person who has left fapping behind. You don’t even remember that anymore. Focus on things that matter to you always, productive, rewarding work that makes you better. When you get urges, you will know what to do…:smile::smile:
It’s just a phase Evrybody will go through at some point. I wouldn’t worry about discomfort in the balls or precum. It is normal, and you need not take it as a relpase. Your body is resisting somewhat and trying to get it. Don’t panic, just move through with this lifestyle.
You will make it. I know you will. Your message shows you are determined to hold the line and not ready to give up even an inch. Stay strong!

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Thank you so much… for such a great motivation

Are ashwini mudra and Vajra asan different??

Both are very different brother…
You may see the main part of the video…

Vajrasana and brahmacharya Sana are very close but still different