🛡️Hall of Dames and Knights | Remain a fool🤡 or rise to knighthood🗡️ | Upcoming challenge for August

God brought thy on the arena of trials, greenhorn!

This challenge will be here as an opportunity to prove yourself that you can be a man, maybe for the first time.
This will be a strict challenge. The challenge won’t need anyone to join. YOU won’t need the challenge as well. But you can decide to join and if you do so, you will have a chance to proove yourself, your capability to be a man of your word and turn into a knight or ridicule yourself as a jester, fool.
This challenge won’t be merciful. There won’t be any false illusion here to ease your weak dedication and willpower. You have only one life out there and you will have only one life in here.
There is no excuse, no second chance. You fail, you die. The living won’t budge tears for the dead here. Noone is here for you and you are here for noone but yourself.
I’m not worthy to judge anyone, but I can create this opportunity for anyone to judge themself.
I will be a proven knight by the end of August or I will be the biggest looser of this challenge, mark my word and decide yourself.

The Rules:

1. Anyone can join till the 1st of August.
2. To participate, you have to share your code.
3. No second chances, once you relapse you are out.
4. The hall is only open for those, who participate. - If you didn’t joined before the deadline or didn’t share you code or you have fallen, the Hall is closed for you.
5. Honesty is good, rudeness is forbidden.
6. The challenge consists of 3 parts. 1-10 days as page, 11-20 days as squire, 21-30 days as knight trainee. 31st of August is the day of accolade.
7. If you finish the challenge, you earn victory over yourself and that brings glory to you!
If you fail the challenge, you earn shame on yourself and you deserve it, because that is the reality.


Ok, I’m in. Add me 40eprd

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Let’s do this


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