Hairfall due to nofap

Day#60 with hard mode. About everything is going good. May age is 27 and I was facing hairfall at a minor level before nofab. A big Hairfall starts at day#30 and it is still going.

I need to know why it is happening and how to avoid it.

Hey there.

No offence, but hair fall does occur naturally. It could mean that you could be going bold due to other factors than nofaP. ( Not to sound like smart sob just saying.) Could be genetic problem.

Factors like wearing tight hats or a hat all day long. Dying the hair often or having hot treatments like putting your drier on the hottest setting or placing it to close so you feel it burning the scalp. Washing your hair to often like everyday. Scratching your head often or brushing them really hard. Or some gels or hairsprays dry the hair out as well.

So before blaming nofaP you should observe what you do in terms of your hair. To determine the effective cure to it. ( just talking about it makes my head itchy) :rofl:. This is the best advice I can give at the moment and also finding out if bolding happens in your family could mean you COULD go bold.

Well speak to a dermatologist as he might suggest better solutions for the problem. Good luck and stay strong and awesome !


I have genetic problem. I am facing hairfall since 2017. So I have a lot of observation of my hairs. I know the ration of falling. These days my hairs are falling with 3_4× speed. This is happening first time.

I don’t use hat, dying hair, drier or gel etc. I do care as much as possible. Hairfall is due to nofab. I got a lot of benefits within 60days and found a single sideeffect also.

Did you try to consider that problem may lie in your diet (especially fats - Omega 3,6 and 9, maybe even black seed oil), stress, sleep, …?

Why do you think nofaP is the problem here, because you’re holding more testosterone in yourself (well actually after some period it normalizes, but…), which is main reason for hair growth ( not just head, but whole body overall).

I mean, could you elaborate why do you feel nofap is the main cause here?


Thanks for the support here I wanted to add that too @edistoretto!

Well, probably your genetics are then counting against you. Because bolding for example might have happend early to your grandfather or father or whom ever at the same age as you’re experiencing this hair loss.

It might be that if this is genetically transmitted that you can experience it earlier too as your genetic material is different and have a slight mutation to this trait of bolding sooner or later.

Well, I can’t believe I say this, but well if you suspect it is nofap, well then testing your theory by going back to see if your hair loss problem is solved or not might be the way to go. ( Not really recommended tho and it is just an idea you could try to test it to see if you are right)

I also forgot how often you wash it and with which shampoo could also affect this as well as the temp of the water. Hot is not so good for hair too.

So the best option is to have a chat with a doctor should this not satisfy you.

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I have no stress issues. Maybe diet can be but chances are low. I consider nofab for responsible because I am doing nofab now. A lot of change is happening due to nofab in 60days. More confidence, fulfilment, good voice, energy, more present, flatline and hairfall also.

2nd… I have listened some other guys have also this issue of hairfall due to nofab. These guys talks about there problem and searching for information.