Hairfall , backpain and nofap

Hi guys
Today i am on day 16, but hairfall has become worse than before. And i am feeling neck and upper back pain sometimes daily.
Should i shave my head or will it improve in coming days.

Hey there,

Well the back pain and neck pain has different causes.

  1. Incorrect posture. Not sitting properly or laying correctly

  2. Inactive lifestyle. Not much movement in the spine and also sitting all day long.

  3. Phone usage. sounds dumb but keeping your neck bend down for a long while not so good.

  4. Also overstraining the back by lifting too heavy weights is bad.

  5. Improper movements. Well if you wanna bend over backwards without proper warm up for example you are going to get hurt.

Also jumping or running often can also hurt your back often. If you have fallen too. Sometimes these accidents happen and it depends on how you treat your back after falling. Especially when you fell on your back or fall often say with an activity like ice skating or wrestling.

  1. Previous traumas like whiplash due to an car accident or falls or strains.

Well there is a solution to it all.

1.There is a ton of Youtube videos out there specifically for streching the back and overall mobility.

I recommend Frazerwilsons or lu strength and therapy channels as they have streches specific designed over mobility. ( more on Instagram with lu strength and therapy) and for other muscles too.

  1. Acupuncture can be done( please consult a professional)

  2. Chiropractic therapy , but they will also give exercises to strengthen the back to heal it optimally!

  3. Check sitting and typing posture and make changes to sit or lay properly.

For the hair well there is multiple factors.

It could be genetic, nutrition, attire (wearing of hats constantly or tight hats), wash too frequently.

Some shampoos or dying them to often or some hair products like gel or hairsprays dry out the hair, washing with hot water, blow drying it too hot. Scratching or playing with the hair to often and also stress also cause the hair loss and some medication too.

Okay please consult a professional( doctor) before implementing any treatment. But observe what you can what cause the pain etc. And implement a treatment accordingly!

Good luck and stay strong and awesome

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