Habits Accountability ( Attention Please! )

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Age - 16
Gender - M
Location - India

:wave: Hello Sisters & Brothers,
I recently found a Habits Accountability app named Snap Habit. It’s totally free. In this app, we can create a group for a certain Habit & can check our’s & our friend’s progres by a clear chart. This app motivate us to follow more habits by creating a group for each Habit. And also we can send messages and Motivating pictures related to a certain Habit to friends.

Home page looks like:

Certain Habit Page looks like:

My Sharing link in Snap Habit app:
(Use this link to add me as your Friend)

I created many Group Habits and I shared their links below.
:round_pushpin:Download Snap Habit app and login (https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=io.gravitech.habit.staging)
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:round_pushpin:Click below links and Join in Group Habits you want.

🪧Group: Affirmation + Visualization (in :sun_with_face:Morning after Wakeup )
Click https://app.snaphabit.app/join/equ2LBMN4afhhCJFEBY2 to get started.

🪧Group: Affirmation + Visualization (in🌙Night before Sleep )
https://app.snaphabit.app/join/I1PADFMbdLNEJthxDbRJ to get started.

🪧Group: :eagle:Early Eagles(You should wakeup @3/4/5 am as your wish)
Click https://app.snaphabit.app/join/GFGAzWaw9SGRrUt7d5R4 to get started.

🪧Group::droplet:Water After Wakeup(You should drink water after wakeup)
https://app.snaphabit.app/join/D0lWq2O6aJ1oxQN9oQhw to get started.

🪧Group: :shower:Aquamans (You should take 2 Cold Showers/ day
Click https://app.snaphabit.app/join/CKMJkmNIwW0mY3MYR7qw to get started.

🪧Group: :droplet:4 or more litres of water a day
Click https://app.snaphabit.app/join/x422656OZtvf9V4sq29U to get started.

🪧Group: :brain:Brain Exercises/Games ( You should do Brain Exercises or should play Brain Games for 10min /day)
Click https://app.snaphabit.app/join/Fn6VzgOaFJ3Dmwf143mf to get started.

🪧Group: :triumph:Full Body Exercise (you can do any type of workouts but atleast for 10min/day)
Click https://app.snaphabit.app/join/xlbTOal8vMt3WuMZ9H4Y to get started.

🪧Group: :om:Meditation
( There are many types of Meditation but I prefer Meditation with Mantras. Because Mantras can change our way of thinking🤔 and it force us to think Positive.I will do Om Namashivaya Meditation for 16min. Infact recently researchers found that Om is a Sound of Universe
Click https://app.snaphabit.app/join/H4Otm5UEgv38yvENaC1o to get started.

🪧Group: :drooling_face:Mindful Eaters (Eat without watching TV or talking to someone,atleast in Morning. Simply, you should focus on your food while eating)
Click https://app.snaphabit.app/join/eTAOOcP8cN60ZK0mgQlH to get started.

🪧Group: :pray:Prayer
Click https://app.snaphabit.app/join/5frkATut5vMMXLEwS7TR to get started.

🪧Group: :sleeping_bed: Sleep (You should fall asleep & wakeup according to your Time Table )
Click https://app.snaphabit.app/join/2V5Xi3jDKV5Q6NZpdevl to get started.

🪧Group: :woman_in_lotus_position:Yoga( Do yoga for atleast 10min)
Click https://app.snaphabit.app/join/wnKEd8ebZ5lkONtS662u to get started.

Yea guys…very interesting app to develop habits, i am too following habit in snaphabit with @Dr_S_777

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Hey brothers… I also want to join with you.

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Nice idea! @Dr_S_777
I would join, but I already have a subscription with Habitica, which is what I use to keep track of habits. You should try that out as well. They have a great community, and the more you do your habits, you get gold to buy armour/pets/mounts to customise your avatar and so on. There is also a nofap guild there. You can find me as Ash_Matt there, if you’re already on Habitica.

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Brother @Busyman these links are not opening within this app. So, Open Rewirecompanion.com in your Browser and open these links.

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Ok bro. I will join now


Sure bro👍. I will try that app too.


I tried it but I dont like it personally


Awesome! @Dr_S_777
@Busyman :slight_smile: yeah I guess different people like different formats and apps


Yea brother it’s true.I also tried habitica long ago but I feel compare to habitica, Do it now:RPG and SnapHabit is better.

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I agree. Different people have different things resonate with them. The main aim is to pursue good habits so go on brothers :slight_smile:


Man !!! You are lucky really…:pleading_face: I came to know about no fap at 19 age .you are focusing on no fap at 16 …it means you are going to be a 100% successful person…I


Don’t worry bro. Some members don’t know about NoFap till their death.Your age is also just 19. You are also Lucky brother😄.