Guys please tell me

Guys please tell me that if all the time I will have urges then when I will study ???

And please don’t say guys that I only have urges when I study because that’s not the matter.

Guys I have to do lots of study and when I sit to do it , urges starts coming.

So please solve this problem .


So trust me on this, habits doesn’t form in one day…
It is just that everything works in loops…lets take an example if u start studying let’s say u have urges but u know what mind can have only one thing at a time either u will be completely focussed on ur studies or on the urges…let’s say u start getting urges then honey don’t sit idle thinking u r not able to study becoz of urges and if u sit idle then they will become more strong u need to force urself to study at first until it becomes the habit…i know u might be thinking that some years ago u were able to study very easily and focus just came naturally but that age or that time has gone now u have to force urself until it naturally comes to you…so decide a time download a pomodoro app if u want and study for say 45 minutes or 1 hour continously even if urges come start speaking what u r reading loudly and start memorising it through repeatedly speaking only and your mind will be distracted from urges…or start solving mathematical questions that are medium-hard…so that u get the answers but after a bit of thinking and struggle becoz when u will get the answer u will feel rewarded and while struggling with it u will be focussed…
I do not recommend studying for 30 mins becoz i think 30 mins is the time when we just got focussed u know…and once u succeed in studying for 1 hour try 3 to 5 cycles of it and move to 2 hours…
Thank u
Hope this helps


This is the exact same problem i had for 2 years during my 11th and 12th i just could not study. I became a lot more focused after cycling and playing with friends

I did anulom vilom (breathing excercise) and some light yoga poses for 3-5 mins thats it

But the only thing which helps is turn on a studying video from YouTube which is like for one hour or so

And try to finish it while making notes and remembering everything from the video on the spot

You can only take a 5 min break after 20 mins or 30 mins is advised generally

Then out of 70 mins you would have studied for 60 mins which is pretty cool and gives you a lot of confidence

Try your best this is the only time you have to study best of luck!:cherry_blossom:


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