Guys now a day face boring life

My 09 day of nofap but getting boring life. Watching alot hindi dubbed movies and nofap motivates videos but still alot boring also doing gym but face alot boring routine my mind now a day face alot boring life.
My age 26.
When i was 07 year age first time watched porn movie in a adult Tea shop i could not explain how its possible after all at the age of 08 or 09 year my friend firstly masterbated me. Now that’s first time run of my life was with masterbate and porn. Now it have been stoped at the age of 26 year till 25 agust. During this period did alot masterbated and watched alot porn videos and my record maximum in watch porn videos 14 to 16 hour. Guys after all, when pushed the break this things
1:- i do not know how will recover my 19 year who surfed in this period.
2:- i do not know how will complete my urges.
3:- i do not know how will complete flatline
3:- finally i do not know how will rewire my brain
Most senior guys help me and support me motivate me because my inspiration to you when i read your post and experience guys plz gave me feed back i’m waiting.

Abdul Basit


Hi there , Firstly you need to understand that you will be able to cure yourself from this . It will take time but it’s worth it. You are not alone in this situation.
Decide what you want to do in life ? Just craving for girls or Be a successful person?
You need to eliminate porn from your daily routine. In the Initial days , It will be tough to handle but it will get easier as you reach at higher no. of streak days.

Divert your energy to more productive works like studying, working out, running,etc. If you a job now , you can try search for your date.

PS : I’m not suggesting to get a gf, infact at the age of 25/26,it is nothing to showcase,it is implicit.

First beleive in yourself that you can stop this addiction. Then everyday write on your dairy the benefits of nofaping… Imagine yourself 2-3months of nofaping or any time duration… Think yourself that what you get after doing so long nofap… then focused on building habits rather than counting your no gap days… Whenever you fell urge the. Just read your notes about nofap laudly or you can use this app the “urge” button… shift your mindset on doing your work… Learn new things… or if you study then focus on that… you go to gym right then just spend your time on studying or learning new things… there are lots of things to do… To shift your mind from that urge.

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