Guys i have a problem

Guys , actually there are my two classmates so whenever i talk to them , they show me very rude or very diffrent kind of behevior

I dont like there behevior

Like today when i called one of them and asked that … what were the question that mam asked us which was also not in our sallybus then he started saying

What you will be able to do in your life when you cant do your prepration in these three holidays .

I was shocked that when i havent done anything wrong with him then why he talks with me like this

What should i do guys ?.

Hi bro,

Jus ignore those idiots…

There’s a long way ahead in life. No point wasting your time on such inconsiderate people.

Take care and bless you bro! :pray:t2::innocent:


Bro every one talks with me in a bad manner exept one or 2 persons

They are full of very high attitude
But i never show any kind of bad behevior to any one

I dont like this kind of university

I dont like these people

I am not born to face these bad people

I want be with good people who talks sofly and have love and conpassion in there heart

Just now when i am writing this text , i have tears in my eys

I never got good people in my life

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life is hard, and hard hearts,
we face many obstacles in life, some are easy to climb, and some seem impossible.
but it’s on you to decide:

I am alive in this universe, I see bad people around me, should I run away?
But, I am not alone, there are more than 7 billion people on this planet and they all live a life fall of obstacles, What happened to them?
those who procrastinate fall deeper down.
those who accept them, those who analyze them, those who face them like men, those who struggle to find solutions to them, those are the winners in life.
People are not all nice, they talk to you badly because they want to provoke you or because they want to make you shy and sad or to make themselves feel like they are lions.
By ignoring them, by showing not getting affected in front of them, by showing good examples in front of them, then and only then, you will feel better and they might change.
They could also not change, but not everyone deserves to talk to them, Who cares about those guys? You know already who you are.
Nofap is the representer of life, in it, you can learn what normal people can’t. In this journey, people will start to notice you, your face will give positivity to the people around you.
So let me tell you this: Nofap is the solution to your problem, Nofap is your teacher now, Nofap is your friend who you could always rely on.


I have a number of challenging people in my life despite efforts to remove as much drama as possible. I can only tell you what I do when I have situations like the one you described.

When I know I am going to be around them, I try to prepare myself mentally. I remind myself to keep my interactions as neutral and diplomatic as possible. This helps put me in a mindset that is more prepared for this kind of behaviour.

If something does arise, I remember that this really has absolutely nothing to do with me. The people who do this have something in their lives that make them unhappy. When someone is unhappy, they might accidentally redirect that negativity towards others out of their own frustration. Another possibility is that they realize what they are doing but don’t care. Again, this is their problem, not yours. We don’t know why people are mean or rude sometimes. As others have said, try not to let their shortcomings take away from your happiness. They cannot take what you do not give.

Lastly, when I get frustrated, I try to think of scenarios that might explain their behavior. Not justify it, that is different. Perhaps their family member is very sick or they have suffered a great loss of some kind. Maybe they suffer from depression and are not currently able to control their emotions. This allows me to have more compassion for them. Whether or not my ideas are true is really not that important. What is important is that they allow me to not take their actions personally. In a way it empowers me.

We cannot control how others behave. There is a lot of negativity in the world. The best we can do is to try to counter it with our own positivity. Perhaps a small act of kindness towards that person would be enough to make them realize how they are treating you. It can be as simple as a compliment. Just remember that this may not make any difference in how they act. It will still make you feel good knowing you set a good example for others.

The only other thing to do is to find different people to be around that are more like you. Minimize the amount of time you spend with negative people as much as you can. You have a limited amount of energy. It deserves to be used in a way that reflects what is important to you and who you are as a person.

I wish you luck. These things are not easy.

Be well. Stay strong. :heart:


You may look into stoicism

Bro sorry but. Life is not like this. Being honest. Start being less sensitive.

Bro, to add on, perhaps you need a mentor…

A mentor is someone who has been there and done it all - usually someone who’s older but not necessarily always the case.

There’s two ways you may find him/her.

  1. Actively seek him/her out
    How to do it?
    Look around people that you encounter, see if there’s someone who is exceptionally wise and kind. Befriend the person. The person may be your grandparents, may be your teacher, may even be your school counselor. Seek him/ her out. Honestly tell them your issue. They will be more than willing to help.

Word of caution:
You may not succeed in your first attempt. Be sincere and persistent.
Please also be ready to put in hard work and overcome challenges along the way.
If you give up too early on in your attempts, your mentor may give up on you.

  1. Let the mentor seek you out
    This is tricky.

Start taking much better care of yourself. Put in extra hard work in your school, your personal well being (e.g. exercise, personal hygiene, dressing, etc). Find something useful to read. E.g. the 7 habits of highly effective people, Thinking, Fast & Slow by Daniel Kahneman, etc.

Take those stuff you read and start practicing. Not all at once, one little thing at a time.

In time, you’ll see yourself improve and your confidence will grow. There may be a. chance potential mentors may seek you out. (Beware of false mentors who will come to cheat you and destroy you.) You must always be on your guard against the devil.

Whether you’re doing 1) or 2), there may be jerks who will come and discourage you and even hurt you. Ignore those idiots again. You have better things to look forward to.

All the best bro! :pray:t2::blush:

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Good advice. If you are okay with it, there are IRL support groups that can be very powerful. I have attended several and found the connections I made to be very meaningful.

Unfortunately, there is stigma around our addiction, which makes IRL connections feel scary and threatening. One has to decide for themselves whether or not that is a risk for them and if they are ready for it.

For what it is worth, every group I have been a part of has very strict rules around conduct and confidentiality. These are necessary to protect everyone. They use first names only (there is no requirement to use your real name) and there are no interactions outside of the meeting unless both people agree to it. Even then the level of confidentiality can be established and maintained between those two people.

Just something to think about.

Be well. Stay strong. :heart:

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