Guys i have a problem, please suggest me what to do

Guys i am not able to go out side because i dont have friends . I am not in my city so i also dont have my bike . I am out of my city to accomplish graduation.

Guys i want to go out but i cant go out please suggest me what to do. I am being continuously in my room from 1 year and i am fed up . I dont like this life . I want to go out .:confounded::confounded::confounded::confounded::face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

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Make friends and go out

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Tbh it’s not that difficult to make friends. Don’t you talk to anyone in college?

Get a gym membership and work out

Find some Hobies or targets to do in your own
Having friends is a great thing but you have to learn how to do thinga in your own then friends will come

  • Same actions leads to same results
    You should go out to make friends
    Gym, church (or whatever religious place) , try to just read books in any cafe … What about making a program to visit places on that city ?!
    Try to make a program for yourself without depending on having a friends as a start
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First of all find a purpose for going out like for shopping , grocery and even u can go to
park just for walk
Remember if u go outside and spend sometime u automatically find friends as we are social being but u have to take first step that is go out first

You don’t walk outside because you don’t have friends :arrows_counterclockwise: You don’t have friends because you don’t walk outside .

That was enough to explain what I want to say ig

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