Guys don't fool yourself! The vice of lust comes from that of gluttony!

Don’t be fooled into continuing to eat out of control while remaining abstinent from fap.
With abstinence the desire for the pleasure of the taste of food increases and sooner or later it will make you fall.
The vice of gluttony is much underestimated!
In addition, your goal must not be abstinence from masturbation without refusing sex.
You must act according to God’s plan, according to your vocation:

  1. Celibacy chastity
  2. Chastity of marriage (sex for mutual love, simultaneously aimed at procreation)
  3. Widowed chastity
  4. Perfect chastity (or virginity, eg Our Lady)
  5. Priestly chastity

Only in this way will you live happily.
Wrong vocation brings consequences.
The only way to know your vocation is not to reason about it but to abandon yourselves to Jesus.
Those who do not love Jesus usually do not understand the importance of following one of these vocations.
Your joy comes from these.


What a virgin conversation :sleepy:

We all have different goals, have fun in the way that suits you

But don’t dictate what others should follow.

For those of you who wish to easily break free from pornography, read Easy Peasy


Sorry Savagin for the second part, but the first (gluttony) part is a best practice.
Is only a suggestion.

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